jobs for young girls

samedi 24 septembre 2011
par MmesS

Jobs For Young Girls

Duration 49sec

Release Date 1969

Sponsor Central Office of Information for Department of Employment

Highlighting the problem of girls leaving school without thinking about further education or training, this film’s message appears to be : don’t be tempted by the short-term rewards of unskilled jobs, because a career will serve you better in the long run. The whole production has been designed to appeal to the target market, i.e. teenage girls. It has a 60s soundtrack and animation style, and the girl is wearing knee-length boots, micro-dress and headband. However, the voiceover - a middle-aged man - addresses the parents rather than girls themselves, suggesting that some parents also needed convincing of the value of long-term goals for their daughters

Transcript :


When your daughter goes to work for the first time... ...the excitement she feels, with her own money to spend... ...and crowds of new friends... ...maybe she won’t care what job she does - before the gloss wears off... ...she may get married and have a family... ...and it’s only when she thinks about working again that she’ll feel let down... ...going back to unskilled work... But if she gets help to prepare for a satisfying job now, then later on, she’ll have a career to go on with. Make sure your daughter sees her career teacher at school, and the local careers officer.

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