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Look at the poster for the movie above, and say :
-  What type of other poster does this one look like ? What is the impression conveyed ? From the title and this poster, what themes do you expect the movie to be about ?

More about the country and women’s rights :

I- Have you heard of the following British women ? Sum up in a few words why they were considered as pioneers.

- Elisabeth I, (click on the link on British women for more information)
- Margaret Thatcher, (click on the link on British women for more information)
- Mary Quant.

If not, click the links to find out.

II- Landmark years for women’s rights in the U.K.

1. What is the WSPU ? When was it created ?

2. What were the suffragettes ? At what period ?

3. What happened at the 1913 June Derby ? What does it reveal ?

4. What happened for women in 1918 ?

5. When were English women given the right to vote ?

III- Trailers for the movie

Here’s the official trailer to this movie :

And here’s another , with Danish subtitles, more in chronological line with the movie :

Beware : the trailer is cut short at the derby...

Watch both trailers, and take notes :

-  When does the action take place ?
-  What do we learn about the main character ?
-  How is she considered - by her employer ? - by her husband ? - by the policeman ?

List some of the actions done to be heard.

A leading figure of the suffragettes’ movement : Emmeline Pankhurst

After the movie...

Who’s who ?

Match the characters’ pictures with their names, and their role. JPEG - 83.2 ko

JPEG - 123.7 ko









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