Protest songs and awareness campaign

mercredi 27 mars 2019
par agnesueur

You will work in groups on one of the following songs or this awareness campaign which uses a song, which all DENOUNCE something :

For each document, comment on :
 the choice of the title,
 the use/role of the music,
 the way the message is sent (quote and explain the lyrics, and the images chosen to go with the song -for Pink, explain why she didn’t release the single in the USA instead.

Prepare to argue your view on the link with current politics, our daily life or more personal thoughts.

Protest songs :

- Luka by Suzanne Vega
The song is about an abused boy named Luka who supposedly lives upstairs from the songwriter. It talks in first person of a conversation between the two. Luka tells Vega not to worry if she hears sounds of distress late at night, and tells her its not her business. The song is full of innuendos, the boy seeming to explain his parents’ mistreating him by his own faults or actions.

- Uprising - Muse

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lead singer Matt Bellamy explained : “The lead single, ‘Uprising’, was kind of inspired by the G20 protests which took place last year. I was in London at the time and I saw it all going on outside where I live.”

He added : “I sort of found that whole protest quite inspiring really ; just the idea that people just having a good time, putting together a peaceful protest but the police still do their best to make it become violent and I find that quite aggravating. So, that’s what the song’s about.”

The Muse front-man went on to explain further : “There was a whole economic crisis and the MP scandal which took place last year where everyone felt like they were being ripped off by the powers that be.”

“I sort of wanted to write a song that summed up that feeling like you’ve been done over by people you’re supposed to trust. That’s kind of where the song’s coming from really.”

Read more about his point of view at

Read more about the protest and subsequent police action at


- Dear Mr. President, by Pink

Written by Pink with her collaborator/producer Billy Mann, this song is an open letter to the President of the United States at the time, George W. Bush. In the song, Pink asks questions covering many controversial issues, including war, homosexuality, the homeless, abortion, and drug abuse. It was released as a single in Europe, Australia and Canada, but was never released as a single in the US because Pink didn’t want it to be interpreted as a publicity stunt.

Awareness campaign :
-  Dumb ways to die

Recap how awareness is raised here,why it is original, and if it is effective.

Dumb Ways to Die was created by a small team of Melburnians who are part of the bigger team that operate the train network in Melbourne, Metro Trains Melbourne.









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