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dimanche 15 mars 2015
par Me Esse

An extract from "Bowling for Columbine"

How does Marilyn Manson explain the events at Columbine ?
mardi 15 avril 2014
par Me Esse

De-mythologizing the Wild West : gun laws were actually stricter then than now

De-mythologizing the Wild West : gun laws were actually stricter then than now by RolandzFollow . It’s all part of the lore of the Wild West : men armed to the teeth ready to shoot it out with one another on Main Street at a moment’s notice. And it’s an image, bolstered by Hollywood, that (...)
mardi 2 octobre 2012
par Me Esse

VOAnews report

Watch this report from VOAnews and answer the questions in the document above : Here is the trailer of the film "living for 32" about the 2007 school massacre at Virginia Tech :
mardi 2 octobre 2012
par Me Esse

the NRA

Watch this advertising video from the NRA site : present it in a few words. focus on references to the history of the USA and symbols of America. The Bald Eagle The flag The patriots The Liberty Bell what are the NRA’s identity and mission ? what is the message conveyed by the last (...)
lundi 24 septembre 2012
par Me Esse

Pale Rider

Watch this trailer, present it and explain the situation in the village. What role does the stranger play ?









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