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vendredi 7 septembre 2018
par agnesueur

Where the bloody hell are you ?

Watch the first 20 seconds of this video, note down the elements you see, and make guesses about "Where the bloody hell" you are...
jeudi 22 mars 2018
par agnesueur

A Kahoot ! about Australia

Let’s check what you remember...
samedi 25 novembre 2017
par agnesueur

The British Empire

The English Octopus, 1888 This political cartoon is showing John Bull from England as the "octopus of imperialism". John Bull is a national personification of Great Britain (like Uncle Sam for the U.S.A.). This is showing that during imperialism England had a (...)
vendredi 24 novembre 2017
par agnesueur

The Stolen Generation

Part 1 0’32 to 1’14 Recap what the stolen generation is (where, who, why - if possible). Part 2 from 1’14 to 2’41 Which member of the girl’s family was taken/stolen ? By whom ? Where was it ? Somebody sacrificed to go with that person. Who was it ? Why ? Where were they sent ? What for ? Part 3 (...)
jeudi 9 novembre 2017
par agnesueur

The Aborigine culture

Dreamtime stories The Rainbow Serpent (shorter version - only in reading) A brief (funny-sounding) history if Australia. the facts are accurate, though. Aboriginal sacred sites : Look here for information about the dreamtime, its codes and meaning the Aboriginal music and (...)









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