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vendredi 18 septembre 2020
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Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka,(1954),was a decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in which the Court ruled that U.S. state laws establishing racial segregation in public schools are unconstitutional, even if the segregated schools are otherwise equal in quality. Handed down on May 17, (...)
mercredi 16 octobre 2019
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questions notion (2ème partie épreuve orale)

If you could be anyone just for one day, who would you be ? Who was your childhood hero ? What myth or hero do you know best ? Which document in this notion do you remember best, and why ? Do you admire someone ? Is a hero necessarily famous ? Is a hero for some time, or (...)
dimanche 15 septembre 2019
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Final Task - Black History Month

Final Task Individual - oral expression Duration : 1mn You will present an unknown hero from an English-speaking country (the USA, the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Canada…) whose achievement you think deserves to be remembered on Black History Month. You will keep the facts (date of birth, (...)
mercredi 11 septembre 2019
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The girl before Rosa Parks

The girl before Rosa Parks The bus scene in The Rosa Parks Story
jeudi 5 septembre 2019
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What to watch... & more

Here is a selection /suggestion list of films and videos you can watch, on the broad theme of Black History Month : Hidden figures (les figures de l’ombre) Blackkklansman : Rosewood : Nothing but a man : Compréhensions orales type bac : Maya Angelou talks about Dr. King : (...)









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