Technology : for better of for worse ?

dimanche 11 novembre 2018
par agnesueur

Technology : for better or for worse ?

List your ideas concerning how and why technology can have advantages and drawbacks.

typefor betterfor worse
Communication Internet : all around the world Bullying / harassment
Faster Hacking
More numerous Lack of privacy
Efficient Addictions
Simpler Lack of security
Too much data
Fake news
Industry We produce more and faster : more needs are answered Piracy
GMOs : food production is more efficient More risks of accidents
GMOs : risks for health ?
Asian workforce is exploited
Transportation « The world is your oyster » Pollution
Globalisation Much money is spent on space programs
Faster The more vehicles there are, the more accidents there are
Space : we know more about where we come from
Electric car
Medicine improvements in surgery creation of new illnesses
strerilization piracy
prosthesis cloning
X-ray (radiographie spare parts babies
In-vitro fertilization
Electronics weather forecast driverless cars
driverless cars drones : lack of privacy
drone : improved agriculture people don’t make an effort to do things themselves and rely on apps.
GPS : orientation is easier

Watch this video about 1984

JPEG - 140.1 ko

Describe the picture (+ type), analyse the elements (colours, position of the elements, attitudes…) and explain its link with the quotation.

JPEG - 11.7 ko
JPEG - 26.9 ko

Describe the pictures (+ type), analyse the elements then explain the link between the pictures.

PNG - 460.8 ko
PNG - 368.8 ko

Describe the picture (+ type), and what it represents. Analyse the elements (colours, characters, position of the drawn elements and the technology and urban furniture surrounding them, the attitudes…) to explain the goal of its author Banksy


JPEG - 48.5 ko
JPEG - 56.7 ko

Describe the colour document (type, specific elements -slogan, who paid for this to be made…-). Focus on what’s written : what is implied (sous-entendu) ? Explain your impressions concerning it. For the exam, you will only have pictures in black and white. How does the absence of colours change the impressions given by this document ?

JPEG - 26.4 ko


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