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vendredi 24 janvier 2020
par agnesueur

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

Proposals (...and refusals) in Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice Mr. Bennet has five daughters, but his estate can only be inherited by a man... Mr. Collin’s proposal Mr. Bennet’s nephew Mr. Collins, a pompous clergyman, has come to choose a wife from among (...)
vendredi 24 janvier 2020
par agnesueur

Adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays (proposals)

Romeo and Juliet 1968 version Baz Luhrmann’s version Romeo + Juliet (1996) West Side Story’s "Tonight" The balcony scene : Tony comes to meet Maria after the ball. Ballet by Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet is a ballet by Sergei Prokofiev based on Shakespeare’s tragic love story. It is (...)
samedi 7 décembre 2019
par agnesueur

Rhymes, poetry etc...

Here’s some basic vocabulary for the study of poems Rhyming patterns Rhyme in Verse Examples of rhyming in verses : Alternating rhyme, crossed rhyme, or interlocking rhyme : Rhyming pattern is ABAB Intermittent rhyme : Every other line rhymes Envelope rhyme or inserted rhyme : Rhyming pattern (...)
vendredi 22 novembre 2019
par agnesueur

First encounters...

Anticipation Describe this document, then try and guess its title. Justify your choice. Tavar Zawacki (aka Above) 2009 Berlin Group work : Each group will work on a different document, but the guidelines are the same for all : The story Describe the (...)
jeudi 12 septembre 2019
par agnesueur

Earnest in PDF

You can download the play here










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