Spaces and exchanges : travelling.

Travelling : discovering, discovering oneself... Why do people travel ? What for ? What does "abroad" mean, what does "elsewhere" mean ?

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vendredi 27 septembre 2013
par Me Esse

Into the Wild/Eat, pray, love

1) Watch and present these two trailers , then find information for each trailer about : The main protagonist : name, situation in life, family, education, ... Their destinations and their symbolic values. The reason(s)why she/he leaves everything. Their findings/discoveries. 2) (...)
vendredi 20 septembre 2013
par Me Esse


Present these topics with one or two classmates. Prepare your oral account with a Powerpoint document. remember : this is not a readind exercise ! You can use the sites given here, but feel free to use others. Don’t forget to focus on our notion : Spaces and Exchanges, and try to determine why (...)
vendredi 13 septembre 2013
par Me Esse

Other audio documents...

You’ll find here the other audio documents : Keren places Keren options Video : the advantages of taking a gap year
mardi 10 septembre 2013
par Me Esse

Gap year

You can visit these sites : Peakleaders Gapyear Watch these videos : BBC South : students in Kenya Ben Southall : the best job in the world Peakleaders : an interview The Leap : gap years A report about the association. Find the recordings here, to complete the research (...)









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