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vendredi 24 janvier 2014
par agnesueur

Going further - A Christmas Carol - City life

Recap the story of "The Christmas Carol" What is the global message of this story ? With the help of the following elements, use the right tenses to tell the pasages of the story action1 action 2 Scrooge (work) at his desk when men (come) to collect money for charities when his nephew (...)
mercredi 18 décembre 2013
par agnesueur

A Christmas Carol

Preparatory work to A Christmas Carol The life of Charles Dickens You are going to watch a cartoon about Charles Dickens. Watch the full document once, answer the following questions while and after watching. 1. Family Date of birth : Who were his parents ? How many siblings did (...)
jeudi 6 décembre 2012
par agnesueur

Final Task

FINAL TASK – Your song… You will present an English song that is special for you, explaining why, the circumstances in which you discovered it, and what the song is about. You may show part of the video for this music, play it for about 1mn (max.), or sing part of it yourself. You will not read (...)
jeudi 6 octobre 2011
par agnesueur

Just a kiss

Describe the poster for the movie Just a kiss. What do you expect the film to be about ? What do you think the story will be about ? Phonetics anticipation exercise (see worksheet) Film extract seen in class : Chapter 12 extract 1 : from 51’37 to (...)









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