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What is a hero ? a savior, a pioneer, an inspiring leader ? What role do they play in our lives ? Why ?

- social entrepreneurship
- superheroes
- political leaders

You can use this site to find ideas : http://historysheroes.e2bn.org/hero...

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vendredi 11 décembre 2015
par MmesS

Martin Luther King Jr

This is a video presentation of the play we’re going to see : REMEMBER ! CELEBRATE ! ACT ! 1. Who is this man ? Click here to find out and answer the question. What is he doing on the picture ? What can you notice about the people surrounding him ? (...)
mardi 17 septembre 2013
par Me Esse

Social entrepreneurship

Watch this video about social entrepreneurship. It was published on the web in 2012 The animation is made to explain the concept of social entrepreneurship to the general public and raise awareness of the importance of this type of business. Created by Smart Kolektiv. You can also watch (...)
mardi 10 septembre 2013
par Me Esse

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs (1955-2011) Watch this video showing Steve Jobs talking on his legacy : how does he see his contribution to the world ? how does he describe his job ?









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